A critical element of the success of the CREATE career development plan is the use of team mentoring. There will be multiple mentors working with the mentee; and working together as a team to contribute to the mentee’s career development.

Program Faculty

The Team-Mentoring Network Consortium will be built from dedicated and experienced mentors who are: a) from diverse fields in basic, applied and translational sciences, b) visible in national scientific organizations to assist in career networking c) seeking opportunities for inter-institutional collaboration

Mentor Benefits

  • Multidisciplinary approach that allows development and conduct new innovative research projects
  • Learn multidisciplinary methods of discovery and opportunity to consider fresh research questions from other mentors


Mentor Goals

  • To provide opportunities for collaborating on mentored multidisciplinary research projects with a multidisciplinary TEAM
  • To enhance decision-making and other skills involved in working with a TEAM related to the mentee’s career development and advancement Mindset” for Research

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