Investigator Research

“Management of Clinical Pharmacy Services at the Florida Department of Health-Duval”

As the provider of clinical pharmacy services, Florida A and M University College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, through qualified faculty, is responsible primarily to provide and manage services to clients living with HIV/AIDS and other co-morbidities in the State of Florida, Duval County. Clients are seen without regard to prior service activity or medical history. Services may include, but are not limited to:

  1. Assists in managing programs to help eligible clients obtain low cost medications through pharmacy assistance programs.
  2. Dispense medications through the AIDS DRUG Assistance Program (ADAP) as needed in the Comprehensive Care Clinics.
  3. Provides drug therapy monitoring and medication counseling and education to clients of the health clinics.
  4. Provides drug therapy education  to the medical and nursing staff of the Department.
  5. Assists in planning and Implementation of a pharmacy program that would increase patient/client education and adherence.
  6. Assist in administering, overseeing and coordinating with the pharmacy staff all facets of the Department’s Pharmacy Program
  7. Assists in managing the acquisition, distribution , and dispensing of medications for the Department.
  8. Ensures that all federal, state and local rules and regulations as it relates to pharmacy programs are followed.

All of the above in addition to other services provided via this project has the translational impact of serving as an incubator to facilitate the training of our Doctor of Pharmacy students. This clinical practice incubator will exponentially make more pharmacy practitioners with specific training in HIV/AIDS available in the underserved community at large and also serves as a practice site for our clinical practice faculty.